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Unapologetic Pursuit Of Contentment

by Ajahn Munindo on May 02, 2020

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Unapologetic Pursuit Of Contentment: 2nd May 2020, (53 approx. mins.) Practical exercises, looking in the distance, slow deep breaths, standing on one leg, stress eating, compulsive judging, field day, consumption, lacking, here and now, attention, meditation techniques, contemplation, Rahula, mirror, wise reflection, negative emotions, replenishing, instilling virtue, copper sulphate crystals, precipitation, integrity, gratitude, forgiveness, humility, goodness, 4 Noble Truths, tanha, craving, fulcrum, owning wanting, arahant, gift, fear, 5 spiritual faculties, re-traumatizing, faith, intensity, mindfulness, collectedness, jhanas, discernment, rejection, failure, medicine, (41 mins second question) metta, empathy, selfishness, Dhammapada v 197, 198, happiness, multidimensional reality, rainbow, spectrum, tears, sadness, depression, thinking, fundamentalist Buddhist, war, contentment.

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