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Branch Monasteries: these are monastic residences fully affiliated with Wat Nong Pah Pong, Ajahn Chah's mother monastery in NE Thailand. In most cases they offer training to those wishing to 'go forth'. Please note, only these BRANCH MONASTERIES are represented by this website. Other associated communities are not represented on this portal. See here for list of BRANCH MONASTERIES.

Associated Monasteries: these communities may be newly established and in the process of becoming fully affiliated with Wat Nong Pah Pong. Alternatively they may be more loosely linked to our family of monasteries. In some cases they are hermitages functioning as retreat facilities for the main 'Branch Monasteries'.
N.B. 'Association' must not be perceived as an endorsement by this fs community. Monasteries referred to as 'Associated' and 'Other Branches' have not necessarily evolved out of the first generation of Western disciples of Ajahn Chah. There may also be some monasteries that view themselves as 'associated' with this community but are not listed on this website.

It matters to us that Dhamma teachings are made available readily and responsibly. It is particularly important that no charge be made for these Dhamma materials, including texts, audio and images. We ask that users familiarize themselves with the Creative Commons license information referred to in the footer of the home page.

Contact for questions regarding distribution of books and CDs: For queries regarding your book or CD request contact here.

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