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Kathina dates 2011
Published Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Kathina dates for our European monasteries this year are as follows:

16th Oct- Hartdridge, Santacittarama, Dhammapala

23rd Oct- ... Read More

Ajahn Preechar Jutindharo talk
Published Sunday, 07 August 2011

A talk in English by Ajahn Jutindharo (Preechar) – “Memories of LP Chah” – given on LP Chah's birthday (17th June) at ... Read More

Invitation to Luang Por Sumedho
Published Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Luang Por!

On behalf of the monastic and lay community of your disciples, I would like to ask you to accept our heartfelt ... Read More

Message from Luang Por Sumedho
Published Thursday, 05 November 2009

I'm aware that currently there are certain misunderstandings regarding our communities in Europe that may be causing hurt ... Read More